The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers

When it comes to creating a perfect set of eyelash extensions, choosing the right tweezers is the first step. Professional Eyelash Extension tweezers are one of the few supplies that you need to use from start to finish, and if not careful, can cause unexpected but harmful incidences. To ensure you have the best tweezers for your lash extensions, there are a few things to consider.

Stainless tweezers contain a small amount of nickel and though rarely, it can cause some allergic reactions to some people. It features an 8mm tip and is 12cm in length. For preventative measures, you can choose to use tweezers made of titanium or coat the tip of metal or stainless tweezers with clear nail polish.

Which Tweezers to Use for Lash Extensions?

As for the length, you want to select a length that is appropriate for your hand size and pick up style, not too long and not too short. However, the pointed straight lash tweezer has a more sudden curve that tapers to a point, while the straight lash tweezer gradually comes to its pointed tip. Many people prefer 45-degree tweezers for 2D, 3D and 4D lashes, and 90-degree tweezers for 5-8D looks as they provide a larger area for gripping the lashes.

How Do You Pick Lash Tweezers?

Tweezers that have a curvy tip are favored by hundreds of lash salons or individual artists. Your dominant hand will be used to hold the Volume Lash Tweezer or Straight Tweezer that will be picking up lashes, making fans, dipping them in glue and applying them. Beginner lashionistas are going to have a blast of these thick tippies because they are super easy to work with for the most lash extension styles.

Why Are My Lash Extensions Sticking To My Tweezers?

How far you dip the shaft of the lash extension’s fan base into the adhesive can have this effect, according to Yang, as can how quickly you release your tweezers. To make sure you're using the correct amount, dip the extension into the middle of the glue dot, and slowly slide out. This is usually due to poor isolation, using a lash glue that sets too slowly or applying too much glue to the lash extension. Using a thin textured, fast drying adhesive like BL Mach Glue (1-2 second drying) is a great way to prevent lash stickie.

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