How to Identify Real Mink Eyelashes

If you're looking for a way to tell if your eyelashes are real mink fur or not, there are a few simple tests you can do. Burning the hairs on your eyelashes in strips is one way to tell if they are real or fake. When burned, real mink fur will wrinkle and leave ashes, just like real hair. You can also look for differences in 3D, as imitation lashes are usually flat while mink lashes have a more three-dimensional look.

Additionally, silk lashes have a longer cone, making them appear thinner than mink lashes of the same thickness. Real mink eyelashes are made from the fur of minks, usually Siberian or Chinese minks. They are soft, light and look very similar to human hair. Manufacturers take care not to harm animals during the extraction of the fur, which is then disinfected and dyed before packaging.

The main differences between mink and synthetic mink lashes are the source of material, cost and variety. Synthetic mink was created to mimic the effects of real mink, so they look and feel very similar. If you're looking for an all-natural option, real mink fur eyelashes are the way to go. Lower eyelash extensions provide greater definition and length, and can help open your client's eyes for a more noticeable and dramatic look.

BL Natural (Real Mink) eyelashes are one example of real mink eyelash extensions. There are also different types of synthetic mink lashes depending on the style and effect you're looking for. BL Laser eyelashes have sections that hold the glue, preventing it from forming a drop at the root of the extension tab. This flat shape allows for longer retention than mink lashes.

When wearing real mink lashes, many people don't notice any difference between their natural and real mink lashes. The thickness of the extensions used to create volume fans is usually between 0.03 mm and 0.05 mm. Real mink lashes provide a lightweight, soft, fluffy and ultimately more natural look that closely resembles natural human eyelashes. Adding mink lashes to the lower lash line can give more definition and make your eyes look wider.

With so many varieties of eyelash extensions available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right ones for you.

Marlene Manwaring
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