Can You Use Lash Extension Glue for False Lashes?

It is very important to note that professional adhesive for eyelash extensions should not, under any circumstances, be used for normal false eyelashes. Professional adhesive is much, much stronger and more toxic, and should never be applied directly to the skin, like regular eyelash glue.

Eyelash extension

glue is only designed for individual eyelash extensions. You'll stick all your natural lashes together if you drop them in a strip or in a group. We see horror stories of people who do this and end up without natural eyelashes.

Do not use any extension glue with any eyelash strip of any type. What would end up happening is that the extension glue would glue all your natural eyelashes together. In addition, the strappy eyelashes would start to look pretty bad after a few days, but you won't be able to remove them. You won't get out of it with any natural eyelashes. Please, please, please don't do this.

It is very important that eyelash extensions are made with fans with small bases, NOT with groups or entire eyelashes, and with proper and careful insulation. Professional glue will stick to the skin and several eyelashes will stick together. Your eyelashes grow at different speeds and when you stick them together, some will be removed while others will be trapped. This will be very painful and will actually damage your natural eyelashes. Yes, if you want to completely ruin your natural eyelashes.

Professional eyelash adhesive is for professional use for this reason. Professional adhesive can cause chemical burns and should not come into contact with the skin. Striped eyelash adhesives can be used with striped tabs (left) and with both types of individual lashes (bell-shaped and simple) for temporary fixation. Eyelash extensions are not that different from typical false eyelashes. They are individual eyelash fibers bonded together by a medical grade adhesive to provide length, volume, curl and thickness to natural lashes. The biggest difference is the ultra-resistant glue and the special remover.

Eyelash extensions occur when false eyelashes are glued to the existing eyelash to extend the length of the eyelashes, explains famous makeup artist Ramy Gafni. False eyelashes and eyelash extensions add an extra touch to your eyes. Temporary eyelashes are placed above natural lashes with a temporary adhesive, while semi-permanent eyelash extensions adhere to natural lashes with cyanoacrylate, the Super Glue adhesive. If either type of adhesive is used improperly, it can cause toxicity and serious injury. A father unintentionally instilled a temporary eyelash adhesive instead of an antibacterial eye ointment for a 14-year-old daughter.

With one eye open, I even Googled permanent eyelash glue on my eyes, becoming blind, and prayed to wake up with my vision the next morning. The lashes aren't as long or as full as a real set of eyelash extensions, but they work for me and for the look I was looking for. Even though my eyelash experiment was entirely done by yourself, I consulted Ardell's eyelash expert and educator, Mae Manalo, to get the right aftercare instructions and learn how to get the most out of my DIY eyelash extensions. They won't be as dramatic (more on this, below), but they still produce long, wavy, defined lashes that a simple tube of mascara simply can't compete with. Striped eyelash glues (which usually come in a tube) are made to be used with strappy eyelashes, but they can certainly also be used to apply individual lashes. The treatment for swallowing any eyelash adhesive includes rinsing your mouth and drinking a few sips of water. Individual eyelash glues are specially formulated to be used only with individual lashes, they NEVER remove lashes.

In addition, another great detail that helped me was to stick my eyelashes underneath and not to the skin above them. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied to each natural lash strand with a semi-permanent glue, usually a cyanoacrylate adhesive. Apparently, the adhesive used to glue your eyelashes is so tough that you can gently wash your face and wet them without having to worry about your eyelashes falling out in lumps. If necessary, semi-permanent extensions can be loosened with an oil-based eye makeup remover or an oily substance such as coconut oil. Despite how important it is to use the right glue shade, consumers should know that not all false eyelash adhesives are designed for strappy eyelashes. Two popular ways to get those long, beautiful eyelashes are to use temporary eyelashes or to have a licensed cosmetologist or beautician apply semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

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