Will Natural Lashes Grow Back After Eyelash Extensions?

If you've ever wondered if natural eyelashes will grow back after eyelash extensions, the answer is yes. Natural eyelashes usually grow back within a few months if they are lost or damaged due to extensions. This is also the case if you decide to cut your eyelashes for any reason. When you receive eyelash extensions, the cycle continues normally.

Each eyelash extension is connected to a natural eyelash, so the extensions fall out in the same cycle as natural eyelashes. So, if you're worried about your lashes not growing back after extensions, don't be. They will continue to grow even when the extensions are on. It's all part of the eyelash growth cycle.

However, there are other factors that can cause eyelash loss, such as rubbing hard to remove waterproof mascara, using a product that irritates the eye area, or even stress. To ensure that your natural lashes have a chance to grow back, it's best to start using a growth serum while you still have your extensions. Most people will see more irregular eyelash growth since extensions won't follow the same growth cycle as natural hair, nor will they have the same hair loss program. To prevent further damage, it's important to stop rubbing your eyelashes.

If an eyelid condition, such as blepharitis or sties, is causing eyelash loss, seek medical advice from an eye doctor. Having eyelash extensions means that your eyes will already be framed and emphasized, so there's no need to curl them or use mascara. Adding a dye to your treatment will enhance even the smallest, thinnest hair on your eyelashes, increasing the impact of what's already there. While it may take some time for your natural lashes to grow back after prolonged use of eyelash extensions, in most cases they do grow back in a matter of months.

Extensions generally require glue and any glue that is applied to the eyelashes means allowing a certain amount of chemicals to come into close contact with the very sensitive hair follicles around the eyes, and the likelihood of infections is high. If you want thicker and more dramatic lashes without having to apply mascara or eyeliner, magnetic lashes are an option. They come in all types of lashes and in a few different colors and are not too expensive.

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