How to Achieve Natural, Long Eyelashes

We all have our own opinion about what constitutes long eyelashes, but there is an official length that is considered to be long eyelashes. This measures 12 mm and is often referred to as trichomegaly of the eyelashes. Eyelash extensions can produce extension lashes with lengths from 5 mm to 20 mm, with the most popular length being around 11 mm or 12 mm. To determine the perfect length of your eyelashes, there is a basic formula that many eyelash experts agree on. As a rule of thumb, your lashes will be at their best when their length is approximately equal to the distance between the eyebrow and the lash line.

This is just a basic guideline, but most women will enjoy the best results if they choose their eyelashes based on this principle. When it comes to choosing the length of an eyelash extension, it is essential to determine the right size. The standard size for short eyelashes is 6-11 mm, the medium size is 10 mm to 14 mm, and the length is 14 to 22 mm. Natural lashes measure between 3 mm and 18 mm. If you want to use an eyelash extension that is longer than the length of your eyelashes, make sure the extension is thin so that it doesn't hinder your eyelashes from growing. The Volume eyelash extension is designed to provide all the volume to your lashes without damaging or overloading your natural and healthy lashes.

Lash Affair Academy offers customized tab maps according to the original eyelashes so that the natural eyelash extension works well with them. To calculate the correct size of the volume fan, you must understand the relationship between the thickness and weight of the eyelash extension. If you want natural, bulky lashes, opt for natural eyelash extensions. To achieve this look, consider using an eyelash curler and a few layers of lengthening mascara (such as Precious Cells by Lancôme Définicils and Ultraflesh Panthera). When eyelash extensions blend well with your lashes, they improve your appearance and make your eyes prominent and charismatic. It's important to consider your natural lashes when opting for those eyelash extensions.

This eyelash extensions chart helps you show your customers the different types of extensions, curls and lengths available. To delve deeper into this topic and learn other aspects necessary for applying eyelash extensions, consider doing classic or volume training at Lash Affair Academy. So if you want natural, long eyelashes, opt for natural eyelash extensions. With a bit of knowledge about how to choose the right length and thickness for your lashes, you can achieve beautiful results that will make your eyes stand out.

Marlene Manwaring
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