What Happens if You Get Eyelash Extensions Wet Before 24 Hours?

If you accidentally expose your eyelashes to water before the recommended 24 hours, the glue becomes overloaded with moisture and dries immediately. This means that the eyelash extension has not formed a proper bond with the natural eyelashes and causes them to fall out. Eyelash glue combines with water in the air to form a strong bond, allowing you to show off those eyelash extensions for 4 to 6 weeks. In the past, eyelash glue technology wasn't as advanced as it is today.

It took 24 to 48 hours for the glue to fully cure. If too much water was exposed to the curing adhesive, it could cause “shock healing”. The glue used would turn white and cause the eyelash extensions to fall out prematurely. So, if you get your eyelashes wet before 24 hours have passed, this could cause your eyelashes to fall out.

Activities that could cause this include showering, bathing, going to a sauna, or swimming. As a result, eyelash artists need customers to wait much longer before getting wet to prevent the adhesive from curing with shocks, which could affect the appearance of the adhesive and the strength of the bond. If water comes into contact with the eyelash extension glue before it hardens, the outside will become brittle and break. Generally speaking, no matter what style of eyelash extensions you have, you can get them wet at some point. Those made for the purpose of joining eyelash extensions are called eyelash adhesives, made of methyl-2 cyanoacrylate.

That's why it's so important that you don't get your eyelash extensions wet for at least 24 hours. Oil and alcohol can break the bond of the eyelash extension adhesive, which can cause the extension to peel off the natural eyelash. Although it's perfectly fine to wet your eyelashes after 24 hours have passed, if you wet them and also expose them to warm air water, this could damage the glue. Usually, eyelash extensions aren't cheap, so if you don't want to damage your hybrids, you should wait at least 48 hours before getting them wet. If you accidentally get your eyelash extensions wet within 24 hours, you may think you've gotten away with it since your eyelashes won't fall out immediately. There should be no strain on the client's eyes when wearing eyelash extensions; things like tightness and heaviness shouldn't exist.

That's why adhesive is used for eyelash extensions instead of glue. This way you can shower, bathe, swim and even go to a sauna without worrying about damaging your lashes or extensions. If you are not satisfied with the final result after getting your lashes wet, you should repeat this process until your eyelashes are lush and fluffy once again. This is because water can cause the glue used to attach the eyelash extensions to break, meaning that they could fall out.

Marlene Manwaring
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