How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions can last more than 3 weeks with proper care and excellent application. It is recommended to refill them every 2 to 4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full, the time between fillers will always depend on the aftercare of the eyelashes, your natural eyelash cycle and the number of eyelashes you have to work with. The only way to remove your eyelashes is with a serious professional. You'll end up tearing out or breaking your eyelashes if you try it yourself, and it's not worth it. On average, eyelash extensions will last 2 to 4 weeks.

It's completely normal to lose a few lashes a day as natural lashes progress through the hair growth cycle. According to our research, most people prefer to book refills every 3 weeks (60.1%) to maintain a full lash line. Eyelash filler consists of applying new eyelashes to new hair growth to refresh the lifespan of eyelash extensions. Since everyone has a different face shape and bone structure, it's important for women to understand that eyelash extensions are an improvement on their own natural eyelashes. That's much easier said than done, but if you're a chronic eye fanatic, you have to quit your habit if you want to continue using eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions eliminate the need to use mascara, however, you may want to use it on the lower lash line to give it more definition.

The oil tends to weaken the attachment of extensions and can even be used to remove eyelash extensions at home. It takes a day or two to get used to the feeling of wearing extensions, but I found them much more comfortable than strappy lashes. This is disgusting, but because you don't wash your eye area as well as usual, you can build up debris, especially on your eyelash line. But once you have the extensions, you may realize after 2 to 3 weeks that you have lost a lot of eyelashes. A certified and licensed eyelash expert will customize each set of eyelash extensions for each individual client, using between three and five different lengths and up to two different curvatures, Richardson says.

The upper lashes look a little messy when you clean them, but don't worry, they don't look messy after 2 weeks, she could comb them instead and potentially spend another week if she wanted to. If you have extensions, you'll notice that if you pick up a droopy eyelash extension, there's likely to be a natural eyelash attached to it. With classic eyelashes, a single extension is attached to a single natural eyelash; with the fan, the technician can apply a few extensions to a single tab to add volume; the hybrid is exactly what a combination of the two looks like. The eyelash artist will remove any extensions that are too large and give the lash line the best possible symmetry. Always apply an eyelash base that has been formulated for extensions (your natural eyelashes won't need it).

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